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  • 马克·卡尔霍恩
    The quaint hip neighborhood of iconic vintage brick buildings once home to OKC’s early century car dealerships is now repurposed and a super trendy place for dining, 购物, 和生活! Neon signs of past and present now adorn businesses and pedestrian-friendly shops ready to share in your new nostalgic experiences of the area.
  • 克里斯蒂娜Moosavi
    你在寻找甜蜜的款待和神奇的体验吗? 卡蒂巴格餐厅位于百老汇东面的第9号. 这就像走进了另一个世界,而且好吃极了! 每个季节,室内和室外的装饰都在变化. 圣诞节绝对是我的最爱! 这一季去买杯热巧克力和一块饼干吧!
  • Kelsey吉尔伯特
    Located in the former Mercedes showroom on Broadway and 11th in downtown 俄克拉荷马城, 吉米B的是, 在我的脑海里, 城里最好的新餐馆之一! 时尚和休闲的氛围有舒适的皮革长椅, 接触木头横梁, 复古的砖墙. 谁不喜欢一堵美丽的裸露砖墙呢?.

    Jimmy B 's有一种诱人的客厅风格, 雅致的艺术, 的照明, 还有一种轻松的氛围,午餐和晚餐的对话都在那里打转. 大型露天庭院, 位于物业的东南角, features an outdoor fireplace surrounded by Adirondack chairs to provide a relaxing space to enjoy first-rate dining and cocktails! 如果你刚到这个城市, 只是参观, 或者你一辈子都住在城市里, 这家餐馆是必去的!
  • Kelsey吉尔伯特
    如果你在百老汇大街上开过车, I'm sure you have noticed the brand new building at the northeast corner of 5th and Broadway. 这七层, $40 million headquarters was completed earlier this year and was said to bring hundreds of tech jobs to downtown 俄克拉荷马城. 像Heartland支付系统这样的固定租户, 你知道这座建筑也做得很漂亮!
  • Kelsey吉尔伯特
    Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center’s new location at NW 11th and Broadway is home to Folding Light, a state-of-the-art building designed by Rand Elliott and named after the way the metal exterior of the building will interact with Oklahoma’s ever-changing sky. This new art museum and venue has brought to the 汽车的小巷 District a brand new, multi-purpose flex space where visitors can walk around and take in the beauty of the museum while also envisioning being able to host a wide variety of events, 包括婚礼, 戏剧表演, 公司活动, 持续多日的商务会议, 以及其他特殊活动. 这里和汽车小巷区都有很多可以提供的东西, you will want to put this new beautiful museum toward the top of your "to-do" list!
  • 向当地专家询问一个关于汽车小巷的问题.
    在中城区和俄克拉荷马市中心寻找餐饮和饮料的灵感? 在这个领域发现这么多新事物,真是令人惊喜. 我在俄克拉荷马市中心发现了Parlor,这让我很开心! 客厅位于百老汇东部的东北6号.
    这是我在客厅吃过的最难忘的一餐? 妈妈咯咯叫! 你必须亲眼看到,吃下去才能相信! 快去看看!
  • 向当地专家询问一个关于汽车小巷的问题.
    你吃过第九街的Iguana餐厅的玉米片吗? They are really good and what you can’t believe is under all that goodness is queso!! 我还没来得及拍照就把它们吃了,不过请相信我的话. 这里的餐厅不是德州-墨西哥式的,这里很独特.
  • 向当地专家询问一个关于汽车小巷的问题.
    你说有个约会之夜的好地方...就是汽车巷的百老汇10号酒吧和餐厅. 气氛优雅,有趣,食物美味. Broadway 10 was the old Buick car dealership built in the 1920's and the restaurant, 从地板到天花板的窗户, gives you a near-panoramic view of 汽车的小巷 which is perfect for the holiday season. 数以百计的季节性灯光点亮了汽车小巷,让你在用餐时尽情享受. After your meal, stroll down 汽车的小巷 and browse the many shops that are offered. 你不会后悔的. 要查看菜单和有关餐厅的信息,只需点击链接.
  • 艾米丽的Askin
    喜乐! “百老汇之光”今年又回来了. What an amazing event that kickoffs the holiday season as we head straight into Thanksgiving. 漫步在历史悠久的汽车小巷,欣赏当地的节日开放日. 零售商店和餐馆将有受假日启发的橱窗展示, 孩子们的活动, 促销和赠品. 购物,拜访圣诞老人,坐马车,听现场音乐. The store fronts will light up for the Second Annual 灯在百老汇, Novemebr 18, 4-8:00 p.m.
  • 你有最喜欢的晨饮吗? 你有最喜欢喝的地方吗? Coffee works for me and there is an 俄克拉荷马城 event that will fill your heart and cup with caffeinated goodness!

    俄克拉荷马城到处都是当地拥有的和全国性的连锁咖啡店. It's always my preference to support and frequent the locally owned brown brew spots. The Caffeine Crawl is a great way to explore what is happening in 俄克拉荷马城 in the coffee and hot tea trade!
    Nearly a dozen spots from Edmond to Norman are offering coffee drink and tastings seminars and samples on these caffeine guided tours of everyone's favorite get happy jitters brew.


    西大街的大堂吧, 汽车小巷的咖啡送餐员, All About Chai on Western and North 可能大道 and Vintage Coffee on Western Avenue. 西大街也有一个很不错的“免下车”星巴克, 如果你在那里喝咖啡,是什么改善了你的体验.

    Enjoy your jitters and explore 俄克拉荷马城 coffee culture at the Caffeine Crawl!
  • 这周你可能过得很艰难, but the treat of breakfast or brunch at the Hatch OKC along the historic 汽车的小巷 is going to start the weekend off on a sweet note. 我保证最难的部分将是从美味的选项中做出选择, 比如把你的选择范围缩小到只有三个"煎饼". 我选择了香蕉福斯特,蓝莓Streusel和皮纳焦糖. 让我们惊叹吧!

    Now all those luscious carbs need a side of protein and I recommend your taste buds adventure out with the Chicken Fried Eggs. 稍微磨碎,煮到完美, the delicate yet substantial eggs are served with Cholulu Ranch and Smoked Cheddar Hollandaise sauces. After all chicken fried anything is bound to be expected and delicious in this part of the country.

    This isn't your usual hole in the wall breakfast spot, even though they serve the old classics. I hope you will venture out this weekend or weekday to experience a new morning taste sensation in the beauty of historic downtown 俄克拉荷马城.




    俄克拉荷马城, OK 73115


    西威尔希尔大道1000号- Ste 428
    俄克拉荷马城, OK 73116


    9520 N. 可能大道
    俄克拉荷马城, OK 73120


    2209 S.W. 104街B套
    俄克拉荷马城, OK 73159


    2301 S. 道格拉斯大街. 110套房
    中西部城市, OK 73130